Beautiful Africa

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It can be argued that the desire to travel is embedded somewhere in the nature of each human being. We have all experienced that overwhelming sense of wanderlust; to journey to some faraway place and explore the hidden treasures that we often only read about in travel publications. Animal Removal Port St Lucie

Opulent flavours, striking landscapes and a range of fauna and flora leaves any visitor in awe. Spellbound by the rich tapestry of the African continent, travellers are drawn from all corners of the globe; some seek the quiet of the African bushveld while others endeavour to dive to the cultural fusion. There are those who are fascinated by the ruins of civilisations lost in time and those who seek to comprehend the origin of humankind. From Ras ben Sakka in the North to Cape Agulhas in the South, Africa has something for everyone.

Experience an African Safari

Africa, famous for magnificent sunsets and safaris, is home to some of the most regal creatures in the world.

Africa from the Best Vantage Points

Mount Kilimanjaro, the Atlas Mountains and Ethiopia’s Simien Highlands are just a few of the best vantage points in Africa. Whether you are an avid climber or trail walker, Africa parades a set of magnificent peaks and trails that are accessible and manageable. The most dedicated climbers are spoilt for choice with a couple of majestic summits, while those who opt for road hikes are treated to kilometres of unspoilt tracks along South Africa’s Wild Coast.

Unlock the Past

The Zimbabwe ruins, King Tutankhamen, the Aksumites and the Golden Rhino are congenital to Africa; they are a part of the soil on which our modern towns and cities were built. The likes of Mrs Ples, Lucy and the Taung Child have paved the way for palaeoanthropology study on the African continent while Thoth, Horus and tales of Nubian Gold have carved a path for archaeological research and preservation. A trip to one of Africa’s historic hubs will leave you enthralled.

Sign up for Extreme Adventure

Shark cage diving, Gorilla trekking, bungee jumping, and white-water rafting are just a couple of the exciting activities that are sure to get the adrenaline pumping! Take a leap off of the Bloukrans Bridge, the highest bungee jump in the world, and face your fears while you paddle through white-waters in Zimbabwe. Locate your spirit of adventure in Africa!

With a profusion of captivating destinations, Africa is the ideal getaway, catering to all kinds of holiday enthusiasts. In the serene landscapes to the friendly people, Africa is a striking and appealing material that welcomes the world with open arms.

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